A corporate twist has been placed on the conventional video hosting platform with news of a release for the B2B-focused Nideo.

Operating out of the UK and launched by entrepreneurs James Hakesley and Roy Kimani, the cloud-based video management suite affords brands the luxury of being able to upload, customise and then publish their online clips all over the web while tracking what happens next in fine detail.

Companies can use Nideo’s analytics dashboard to pull basic metrics such as social shares and views as well as looking into exactly who is watching their content.

Ultimately, the pair believe that having this advanced tracking ability can have a noticeable impact on sales.

B2B video

In adding to its individual user tracking feature, the video player also includes customisable options for including calls to action and further information about what is being displayed.

Hakesley, who now serves as the co-founder and COO of Nideo, believes there is a clear demand for video technology which caters for enterprise clients.

“There is a definite gap in the market to take video beyond a viewing platform and really utilise it as a sales tool,” he comments.

“We are constantly honing the site and already have a raft of features to launch in the coming months, we truly believe that we have the best performing business platform in its space.”

Second time lucky?

Nideo is being released for the second time after initially going live in 2013.

The technology was only available for a short period of time before it was taken down and ordered back to the lab for further improvements.

A new version of Nideo is now on the market and available to businesses on monthly or annual packages. The price of each subscription is based on a series of factors, including storage, bandwidth video tracking, while bespoke accounts are also on offer.