Accelerize New Media’s digital marketing software division Cake has introduced two separate analytics products for advertisers and networks.

Cake for Advertisers is a new software as a service (Saas) platform that aims to bring the tracking, attribution and optimisation of digital marketing costs across search, display, email, video, social, affiliate and other channels under one roof. 

The second tool, Cake for Networks, has a similar set of functions and is aimed at affiliate networks that would like to offer publishers and clients a tracking, attribution and optimisation service.

Variations on a theme

Much of the enhancements made to Cake’s product range are focused on usability. Rather than overhauling entire features, it has chosen to make more subtle adjustments to advertiser and network platforms.

The company is targeting a market that Andrew Frank and Michael McGuire, vice presidents of Gartner, are expecting to expand by 5.3% before reaching $532 billion by the end of 2014.

“Global ad revenue continues to grow in 2014, fueling investments in data-driven advertising technologies and techniques designed to improve targeting, attribution and measurability, as well as to accommodate new formats and channels,” they said.

Cake has unleashed the two different SaaS platforms after making changes to its management structure, including the exit of president and founder Jeff McCollum.