Google has introduced a new line of mobile ads that are being rolled out over the coming months across its Display Network, AdMob Network and DoubleClick products.

In what could be read as a reaction to Facebook’s ad platform news from earlier today, Google has upped its line of mobile products with the addition of four new formats.

The AdWords Ad Gallery will now feature new mobile lightbox Engagement Ads. The product, which pays only when a user engages, harnesses HTML5 to dynamically resize the ads to fit any size so they can run across different devices and screens.

TrueView supports more apps

Having already run YouTube-skippable TrueView products within gaming ads on the AdMob network, Google has decided make these available to more apps. The only time an advertiser will pay is if a user chooses not to skip a video ad.

Anchored placements are set to be supported too, meaning ads can emulate being stuck to the bottom of a consumer’s mobile phone screen as they scroll down. Google says it is still possible for a user to dismiss the ad at any time.

Previously launched on mobile websites, the fourth mobile ad product from Google is the extended magazine-style text format that can be used as an interstitial in-app format for AdMob.

Mobile tools

Alongside the new formats Google has also released three tools that are aimed at helping marketers convert their existing desktop ads to versions that are more suited to the mobile channel.

Google Display Network’s auto-resizing tool can develop new sizes of images ads, including mobile specific sizes, while DoubleClick Studio Layouts helps to create rich ads that work on smartphones and tablets using existing creative assets.

Finally, Google has unveiled a set of Flash to HTML5 conversion tools for Google Display Network and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, giving advertisers the option to show an interactive HTML5 ad when Flash is not supported, rather than a static image.