A web analytics firm is in celebration mode after its social media archive exceeded the 500 billion post barrier.

Crimson Hexagon’s digital media library has proved its worth as a valuable source of customer insights for marketers wishing to learn more about their audiences.

Despite only launching in 2010 the company has a record of posts tracing back to 2008. These posts are spread across some of the most popular social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, YouTube and China’s Sina Weibo.  

The platform also presents a range of features for manipulating data. A prime example is Crimson Hexagon’s Affinities tool, which can pinpoint the interest segments of people talking about brands and their products on networks.

Machine learning

Chris Bingham, the company’s CTO, claims the idea for Crimson Hexagon stemmed from wanting to provide brands with the ability to mine years of history for long-term trends.

Indeed, given the abundance of public data on social networks, sites like Facebook and Twitter are fast earning a reputation as highly valuable platforms for gaining customer insights.

Crimson Hexagon is one of the many analytics firms that have capitalised on the sheer amount of information shared by consumers on social media. The firm is currently indexing one billion new posts every two days and classifies this influx of content by looking at statistical patterns in words.

The machine’s algorithm was developed by Gary King, a professor at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, who also serves as Crimson Hexagon’s co-founder.