Card-linked marketing firm Birdback has announced the roll out of promotions based on specific stock-keeping units (SKU) for its affiliate marketing product.

Retailers and advertisers will now be able to create card-linked offers that are capable of pushing conversions for individual products and categories when they have only previously been available for store-wide campaigns.

For example, Debenhams could run an offer to give consumers the chance to spend £100 or more and receive a 20% discount. However, with Birdback’s new feature brands can send highly targeted offers, on specific brands or garments, and see more accurate results.

Growth into Americas

Birdback has also said that it is now able to reach 100% of customers across the US and Brazil, which complements the service it already offers in Europe through partners such as zanox and Quidco.

While there are already card-linked marketing products available in the US and Brazil, these are only supported by certain banks and payment providers. It is a trend that has prevented widespread adoption.

One benefit of Birdback’s expansion into new markets is that advertisers with more of a global presence will be able to run campaigns in multiple countries, offering discounts to customers on specific products.

Brazil and US Partnerships

Information on partnerships will be revealed soon, but Nicolai Watzenig, Birdback’s co-founder and CEO, is hoping to join the dots between offline and online retail in a way that the Americas market has not seen before.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that every online publisher needs an offline story. Our platform is the first that provides that ability seamlessly and easily the biggest markets,” he said.

“Right from our EU launch in February, we had enquiries from US companies who realised the advantages of a different approach.