Pinterest has revealed plans to increase the relevancy of promoted pins on its social network and give advertisers more insights into how they are performing.

Part of the site’s upgrade involves providing advertisers with feedback such as the number of times an ad is shown and how many people purchase an item after clicking a promoted pin.

There will be more accurate targeting associated with Promoted Pins too. Pinterest says it wants to incorporate data that advertisers share with the social network to ensure the pins that consumers see do not look completely out of place.

Privacy policy to be updated

The company, which is using the US as a proving ground for the new service, has said that it intends to update the social network’s privacy policy towards the middle of October with further information about the new features.

Users can choose to opt-out of the service in Pinterest’s account settings and deny advertisers from using log data, cookie data and device information to target users with relevant Promoted Pins. 

No doubt if the feature proves to be a success, Pinterest will roll it out to other regions. Although it did maintain that support for do not track personalization will continue on the social network.