Affiliate marketing network Tradedoubler has announced a new strategy that will help create what it is calling an “enhanced performance marketing offering”.

Having firmed up the position of its CEO and president, Matthias Stadelmeyer, Tradedoubler has wasted little time in revealing its latest set of goals. These include developing the company’s technology platform to provide tracking across all digital marketing channels.

Tradedoubler believes the new multi-channel solution will take three years to develop and it intends to recruit an additional 25 developers to help achieve this.

The network hopes to use data garnered from the platform to give clients better results on their performance marketing activity, meaning advertisers will have the power to convert more online consumers.

Two products for clients

Stadelmeyer believes that Tradedoubler’s dual affiliate products are well placed to provide a foundation for the network’s latest strategy.

“Tradedoubler is the only player with a combined affiliate network and white-label technology offering and the new strategy includes a number of immediate enhancements to both elements of the business,” he said.

“The combination of the two offerings gives us a unique opportunity to leverage from technology leadership in tracking and data management”

More details about the platform will be made available when the strategy launches in early November, alongside Tradedoubler’s third-quarter financial earnings report.