AvantLink has sought to expand its affiliate marketing network with the launch of SnapVisi, a new tool for publishers.

SnapVisi takes the image monetisation concept, previously seen in products from the likes of Kiosked, and integrates it with the rest of the AvantLink network so that publishers can use it with any advertiser that offers support.

​Using a bookmarklet tool, SnapVisi makes it possible to select an area within a product photo and then tag that area with a custom link that will take the consumer to the advertiser’s own purchase page.

Affiliate App Market

Utah-based AvantLink has made SnapVisi available through its Affiliate App Market where developers can submit tools, scripts and widgets for publishers to use in generating even more sales.

Built for AvantLink App Market by Justin Ball, the same developer that created custom-linking utility SnapLinker and SnapSearcher, a price comparison and product search tool, SnapVisi requires very little in the way of configuration.

To get SnapVisi operational, publishers must to log into their affiliate account, head to Ad Tools and click on the AvantLink App Market link. SnapVisi can then be selected and once the customer agrees to the terms of use, it will begin scanning a page for photos.