Clickganic, a display advertising targeting platform, has secured its largest round of funding yet from fellow ad company Clickky.

Startup Clickganic has accepted $300,000 from Clickky, which has received a minority stake in return, causing CEO Vadim Rogovskiy to hint at collaboration further down the line.

“The value of this deal for Clickky is aiding the development of Clickganic’s ad server, which would then be used in scaling our media buying. We’ll also help them increase the number of publishers and advertisers, while building a cutting-edge platform,” he said.

Founded by Sviatoslav Kliuchev and Eugene Kukharchuk in February 2014, Clickganic has also gained investment from Wannabiz after emerging from its incubation programme.

Balancing the books

In the time immediately following the Wannabiz incubation programme, Clickganic reached its break-even point and Kliuchev, the company’s CEO, wants the extra capital to build on the programme’s successes.

“This investment will be used to automate our platform, expand staff, complete our own microtargeting system, develop the online marketplace and as a result; launch a release version of Clickganic,” he explained.

“Using the large advertisers’ database of Clickky, we can significantly boost our publishers’ revenues, which will result in a big surge towards our growth.”

Clickky itself has a longer history in digital ads, operating what it calls the largest mobile app marketing platform in Eastern Europe. The platform houses an affiliate network, offerwall advertising network, DSP, and media buying technologies.