Yieldr Launches Hyper RM at WLCA;
Volotea Airline Sees 25% Increase in Booking Volume via the Revenue Management Solution

Amsterdam & London (September 16, 2014): Today, at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress, Yieldr has launched Hyper RM, its revenue management solution, which leverages revenue and customer data to link the supply of a company to the demands of consumers.

Volotea, a Spanish low cost airline, extended their long-term partnership with Yieldr by test piloting the transparent display company’s Hyper RM solution.

Although the product is still in its fledgling stages, the early returns are substantial. Volotea saw a 25% increase in booking volume, boosting incremental sales without increasing their marketing budget. Over time when the campaign matures, the two parties expect to also see an increase in RASK (revenue per seat per kilometer) and load capacity numbers.

“The unique integration allowed us to activate our first-party data,” said Alex De Jesus Volotea CIO. “By working with Yieldr and their Hyper RM solution, we were able to significantly boost our revenue by increasing load factor and eliminating waste.”

The solution identifies specific products that are under selling and increases media pressure on those particular items. From there, unique user segments which have a high purchase intent are defined and targeted with personalized messaging, based on previous transactions, meta searches and other customer loyalty data points.

“The early results are very promising, but this is only the beginning,” says Mendel Senf Yieldr CRO and co-founder. “The unique feature of our Hyper RM solution is its flexibility. We’re able to tailor campaigns to vertical specific business rules and optimize on KPIs unique to the needs of our advertisers.”

Here is an example of a dynamic HTML5 display ad used to link open flights to interested users:
1. The user is targeted with flight offers to a desired location.
2. The user is first targeted with a flight offer on the desired day of departure.
3. The user is then presented with a second option to purchase an earlier flight, which is in greater need of being filled.

About Volotea
Volotea turns normal into reality: the airline connects small and medium sized European cities with non-stop direct flights at very competitive prices. They want customers to spend more time at your destination and less time on the plane. They offer many destinations, non-stop flights, budget prices, sensible times, friendly airports, complicity with the local area and simple hospitality. Good service at low cost.

About Yieldr
Yieldr thrives on creating and capturing demand for its advertisers by activating data into efficient programmatic marketing solutions. Whether it’s filling the last remaining room in a hotel or reaching the load capacity of a flight, Yieldr helps its clients to reach their defined goals. Its technology and approach are the connector between the beating heart of a company’s core business and traceable revenue generation.

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