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Rakuten Marketing Simplifies Department Titles in Nod to the 'Omni Experience'
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Rakuten Marketing Simplifies Department Titles in Nod to the 'Omni Experience'


A significant rebranding is underway at Rakuten Marketing as the company informs its customers about changes to the names of the current line-up of services.

In an email to all existing clients, Rakuten Marketing president Tony Zito announced that some of the group’s key offerings will have new titles to reflect both their area of marketing and current ownership.

For instance, LinkShare - the affiliate network purchased by Rakuten Marketing in 2005 - will become part of a service called Rakuten Affiliate Network. MediaForge, the ad tech firm bought out by Rakuten in 2012, is to go under the title of Rakuten Display, while multi-channel measurement group DC Storm will operate as Rakuten Attribution.  

Finally, clients who partner with the company for their paid search campaigns will report to Rakuten Search.

The old titles will cease to exist under their new banners.

According to Zito, all of the core services will be merged into a single platform and dashboard for complete transparency, thus creating what the company describes as the “omni experience”.

Omni everywhere

The ‘omni’ prefix is currently being used by retailers who have managed to improve communications between their various businesses and technology for the best in “omni-channel” shopping. From the brand’s perspective, consumers benefit from a consistent messaging and integration between channels as they switch from app to website and then on to high-street store.

Rakuten is looking to apply a similar concept to its marketing services after acknowledging the need for companies to cut down on their number of software vendors and touch points.

Zito believes it is this exact approach that will promote growth for both company and industry.

“The omni experience is part of our larger vision to drive the marketing industry forward with the people, innovative thinking and transparency that go beyond what is possible,” he wrote.

“To see this vision through, we’ve redefined each line of business under the Rakuten Marketing brand.”

The company’s Marketing arm has also redesigned its website to ensure that existing clients are afforded easy access to their account logins. At the same time, new clients will be treated to an immediate introduction of the company’s new approach.

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