Searchmetrics Suite software includes new features to track SEO value and optimize architecture and technical areas of websites to improve search performance

Searchmetrics, the leading global enterprise search experience optimisation platform, today announced a range of new functionality within the Searchmetrics Suite, including the ability for marketing teams to show senior business management how SEO performs in delivering traffic and sales when compared with online channels such as paid search, social media and referrals from emails and other sites. Other key features include deep analysis and recommendations for optimising the structure and architecture of websites for better search performance, and automated alerts when performance reaches or drops below KPIs.

“We’re focused on making an innovative product that provides businesses with the key to online success,” said Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics. “Many of the new features we’ve added are designed to help management assess and track the value that organic search is delivering, including comparisons with other online channels and the ability to set up automated email alerts for important KPIs. We’re also helping to provide deeper analysis and advice to improve site structure for better search performance.”

Enterprises and agencies increase revenue through online channels by using Searchmetrics Suite™ to develop, manage and track search experience optimisation strategies that combine SEO, content, social media, PR and analysis.
The new features added to the Suite include:

Channel Insight: Enables marketing and SEO professionals to measure and report on the business value that SEO delivers compared to other online marketing channels. They can compare traffic and conversions (such as sales orders, registrations, downloads) generated by organic search on a domain level with social media, paid search, referrals from other sites or emails and direct traffic (when visitors use bookmarks or type in URL addresses).

Conversion Insight: Provides performance data about traffic and conversions generated through organic search at the level of specific landing pages and URLs. Displays performance data for specific search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu) including those from specific countries (eg Google US, Google Germany).

Performance Goals & Alerts: Allows SEO professionals and business management to set SEO performance targets using a range of KPIs (including Traffic, SEO Visibility¹, rankings for specific keywords) and set up automated notifications via email advising them when targets have been achieved or alerting them when performance is falling short of minimum requirements.

Site Structure Optimization: Helps SEO professionals find the revenue generating pages on their websites, and recommends improvements to the structure and technical aspects of whole websites, sub-domains and URLs to make them more accessible and easier for search engines to crawl.

The software crawls and analyses up to 2 million URLs to generate a range of information about the technical structure of pages using a variety of metrics. This includes:
• Providing an overall domain score for how a site is performing in terms of technical site structure
• The number of non-indexed pages, which are not visible to search engines
• Files size and average page load times, which are important because search engines tend to rank slow loading pages lower
• Pages that are more than three levels (i.e. links) away from the homepage
• Identifying errors, warnings and notices about optimising specific pages, such as 404 status codes.
• Searchmetrics Content API: Helps website owners take advantage of Searchmetrics’ data and insights to optimise their content by integrating Searchmetrics technology into their CMS system using the software’s API for easy integration. Businesses can also enrich the basis of decision making by integrating Searchmetrics data into their BI solutions, research tools mobile apps, web services and browser toolbars,
• Spanish language version: The Searchmetrics Suite is now also available in Spanish
More information about the new features on Searchmetrics Suite™ can be found at:

Searchmetrics recently released its US Google Rank Correlation and Ranking Factors 2014 study which identifies the key factors that high ranking web pages in searches have in common. View the press release at: and download the study and accompanying infographic at: