Our ‘Profile: A Day in the Life of’ feature takes a look at some of the global professionals working across performance marketing. It aims to shed light on the varying roles and companies across the flourishing industry.

This week we head to Berlin to speak with the Head of tracdelight, Bosko Todorovic, ahead of his speaker session on performance marketing and publishers at Performance Marketing Insights: London 2014.


Bosko Todorovic

Job title and company:

Head of tracdelight.com at the edelight Group

In one sentence, how would you describe what the company does?

We are Europe’s leading provider for Editorial Commerce solutions in Online Fashion, Beauty and Living Magazines and Blogs.

What are the company’s unique selling points?

On one hand we are offering high quality traffic, premium visibility and customer engagement related to fashion, beauty and living to online retailers and brand shops. Furthermore we offer tailor-made tools for content creation and/or monetisation to the leading publishing houses as well as bloggers across Europe.

Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones? 

We have increased the publisher base Europe wide up to 650 % in 8 month by changing and optimising our sales processes, UI usability and tools.

Duration in current role:

4 years.

Where are you based?

We are based in the German Cities Stuttgart, capital of Swabia and Berlin, the current place to be.

Previous performance marketing-related companies you have worked at:

I have previously worked at zanox, later being self-employed for many years and still running own projects.

What are your main job responsibilities?

“De todo un poco” – I am responsible for the whole development of tracdelight, in all its facets. So I have to throw in my two pennies worth to everything, from Sales, Strategy to Product Management and HR. I am jumping between being a simple colleague and team member to the decision maker of unpleasing moments.

Take us through what you get up to on a typical working Monday:

The typical Monday morning starts with a team lead meeting, discussing the activities of the past week and an outlook of the upcoming week. The rest of the day has no typical course. It is always a mixture between sales, product, strategy, IT and marketing tasks and topics, depending on priorities and incidents. Actually this is what makes the job so interesting. Nothing is pure routine.

What top three websites can you be found browsing during your lunch hour?

My own sneaker blog www.i-love-sneakers.com, Google Analytics, Tumblr.com.

What are your top three tips for someone looking to get their hands on a job like yours?

Be passionate, inspiring and visionary.

Keep your eyes open, look left and right, educate yourself and be able to do most of the things on your own. This implies having a great general understanding of almost everything around your business.
Always be a sales guy somehow. At least you are the product.

Career-wise, where do you see yourself in three years’ time?

Many steps above, still pushing fashion and lifestyle companies to the top.

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

Most of my colleagues know about my crazy sides and weaknesses (buying sneakers). I am like I am.