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ADFOX Joins Yandex Family
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ADFOX Joins Yandex Family


Yandex, the biggest search engine in Russia, has added to its ad tech arsenal with a buyout of ADFOX.

With links to publishers, advertisers and agencies across the world, fellow Russian enterprise ADFOX offers a range of tools for companies looking to better manage their online ad campaigns.

The company is helping over 750 clients delve deep into the performance of their banner, mobile and video ads and Yandex has insisted these partnerships will not suffer any change. A fee for the deal remains undisclosed

Deal struck

Members of the current ADFOX product line-up include a solution for building ad exchange networks and a monitoring system for measuring the impact of certain placements and enforcing changes in real time.

Comments from Dmitry Popov, head of the Yandex advertising network, suggested that ADFOX’s publisher clients would soon gain link-up with several of the company’s flagship ad technologies. Among the products mentioned was Yandex’s machine learning system, Crypta, for improved ad targeting.

No announcements have been made regarding where ADFOX can enhance Yandex’s own business, but Nikita Pasynkov, COO of the ad platform, is positive about her company’s future prospects.

“Yandex has enormous expertise in ad targeting, analytics and monetization,” she commented.

“We are excited to bring these new capabilities to our clients thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of their advertising inventory.”

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