The Limited is an iconic top 100 US fashion retailer offering high quality apparel. After over 50 years in business they were searching for a retargeting provider that could extract revenue from their loyal customer base, by raising average order value and increasing conversion rates, while staying true to their brand. 

The Solution

The Limited chose to work with Struq, a retargeting firm headquartered in New York who specialise in personalized cross device retargeting.

Personalized retargeting means that each ad a user sees will be custom built based on the products that user has looked at, pages they have visited and time they spent on and away from the site as well as thousands of other data points. This means that products, marketing messages and calls to action shown in the ad will all change depending on the specific user.

Cross device retargeting takes this technology a step further meaning that this will happen across a user’s devices. For example, if a user looks at a product on The Limited’s site on desktop and then moves to their mobile, Struq will show them an ad on their mobile based on their position in the purchase funnel and the product(s) they looked at on their desktop.

This meant The Limited brand was protected from the pitfalls of classic retargeting such as wasting budget advertising something the user already bought on their second device. When this technology was introduced at The Limited, post-click ROI increased 8% while eCPM dropped 35%.


The partnership operated on a transparent cost plus pricing model meaning a percentage of campaign budget is taken as a fee. This allowed for the best available media to be bought allowing access to premium users. This switch from a traditional CPC model increased delivery 175% and post click conversion rate 57% while maintaining click through rates.

This open relationship meant that Struq were able to bring strategic ideas to the table and create custom brand awareness campaigns for new product lines such as the Petite and Tall collections both on display and Facebook.

Furthermore the use of Struq’s portal feature meant that The Limited could easily view up to date reports including being able to see which devices, OS and browsers were delivering best performance and which publishers their ads are/were running on. All contributing to showing the true purchase journey of their users.


  • Continuously increased ROI and conversion rates.
  • +8% post-click ROI  and -35% eCPM with introduction of Cross Device Retargeting.
  • +175% delivery and +57% post click conversion rate with introduction of transparent cost plus pricing.
  • Exceeded performance targets every month as measured by third party visit trackers.