Brands looking to take their programmatic advertising in-house may be able to take the plunge with more confidence thanks to a new learning resource.

After seeing evidence of companies becoming unstuck while attempting to bid on programmatic ad space internally, Yieldr has launched ‘the Yieldr Academy‘ – a dedicated manual for helping brands get their teeth around the complex world of programmatic buying.

The resource includes material for learning the ins and outs of programmatic strategy, bidding as well as specialist advice for agencies and consultants. A vendor of programmatic ad solutions, Yieldr hopes the new guide will foster, grow and support the next wave of industry talent.

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The company describes programmatic buying as “low risk and high reward”, with recent studies proving its popularity.

Stats from the Internet Advertising Bureau show programmatic accounting for 28% of all UK display ad spend while being tipped for further growth.

Backed by the academy’s webinars, self-study courses, exams and certificates to highlight knowledge in a specific area, Yieldr CEO Tom Triscari argues that a high uptake for in-house buying could promote a more virtuous culture within this niche.

“We can make the programmatic advertising landscape a much better place for everyone through transparency, control and data activation. The best way to do this is by fostering the growth of in-house programmatic education, knowledge and competency,” he commented.   

Despite the optimism surrounding its in-house pathway, Yieldr will still have to convince many that this is the correct route to take. The same IAB study highlights that just over a fifth of display ads (22%) were being purchased through an ad network – or non-directly – last year.