Two new premium, above the fold and high impact mobile advertising units have been launched by display ad solution Affinity Global.

The company’s flagship M-Footer product delivers relevant static and rich media formats at the bottom of a mobile website. Affinity says its new solution is capable of attracting a clickthrough rate that is five times higher than standard banners.

M-Page, the second of Affinity’s two new products, enables marketers to display contextually relevant ads in standard IAB placements inside a mobile web page. It is believed these offer a deeper reach for advertisers and a higher yield for publishers in their deepest links.

Rise in mobile use

Recent studies have shown consumers to spend almost a quarter of their media time on mobile devices, which Lavin Punjabi, president of Affinity Global, thinks has created the ideal environment for the launch. 

“The timing complements the growth of mobile consumption habits from merely browsing to interactive engagement,” said Punjabi.

“The new addition enables us to provide our advertisers and media buying partners with a broader range of digital solutions under one roof – from performance driven PPC, to cross device visibility-led display.”

Both mobile ad units will be backed up by Shield, Affinity’s real-time traffic quality and brand safety technology, which wards off some of the more unscrupulous activity that has been on the rise in display advertising of late.