Many marketers are afraid of sending too many emails to their customers, for fear they will get a reputation for sending out ‘spam’. Despite the number of sophisticated email marketing platforms out there, there are a surprising number of marketers and businesses who still fire out a one-size-fits-all approach email newsletter.

When planning out your email marketing communications, it is important to remember that email marketing will increase revenue – so why wouldn’t a marketer choose to increase the amount of emails they send?

Secondly, it is important to remember your customers have opted in for marketing communications so they are an open door – and are just waiting to hear that ping!

So how do you send even more emails without spamming your mailing list?

Of course, I am not saying you should fire out boring emails three times a day to every single contact in your database. Relevance is the key word when it comes to increasing your email marketing activity.

Tempt your customers with new product news, tease them with spoilers for upcoming launches and reward them for purchases with exclusive offers and discounts.

Show your customers that you know them well by recommending products they may like, tell them you miss them when they have not shopped with you for sixth months, or ask them if they still want to hear from you when they do not open your emails.

Naturally, when we suggest marketers should be sending more emails, we mean targeted, well-written emails that your customers just cannot resist opening.

Don’t be afraid of marketing automation

Yes we realise that setting up marketing automation sounds highly complex, but it does not have to be.

By segmenting your database and using marketing automation to trigger emails for certain behaviours, on specific dates or after specific purchases you can send out many more emails to your customers – but they are all highly targeted and personalised communications.

What used to be a repetitive manual job can now be set up to run automatically by a software programme

Start off by mapping out your customer journey so you know your emails are gently nudging customers down that sales funnel.

Do not try to implement hundreds of different rules and triggers all at once as it will get very confusing. Start off by setting up just one automated email and test it to ensure you are getting the right results.

Once you have got one right, then move onto the next rule, trigger or segment and get that right by testing and testing again.

Give your customers what they want

By using a marketing automation programme to send out higher volumes of targeted emails, marketers can ensure they are giving their customers the information that is completely relevant to them.

The more your customers shop online or click through to certain products, the more data you will hold on them and the more relevant and personalised their email communications will become.

Marketers really should not be afraid of upping their email communications. Testing is the key to all online communications – and keep testing until you get it right.