Data company eClerx hopes to take away some of the “heavy lifting” from marketers by launching its Digital Analytics & Reporting Solution.

Data science can be a time-consuming affair for marketers that are seeking real-world customer insights for a new campaign, so outsourcing this aspect might seem like a more cost-effective use of time.

Digital Analytics & Reporting Solution may help with the collection, visualisation and quality assurance of big data analytics, a task that David Nelson, digital analytics lead at eClerx, says can be a distraction to marketers.

“We tackle the time-consuming yet critical heavy lifting of reporting and analytics that gets in the way of an in-house marketing team’s focus on strategic and innovative projects.”

Business requirements gathering

The eClerx platform offers reporting and analytics for business requirements gathering, dashboard design, automation and process optimisation and report distribution management. 

In its data quality assurance package eClerx can provide the identification of outliers and changes to trends, root cause analysis on suspected data quality issues, tag audits to highlight the completeness and consistency in tagging execution and more.

Finally, marketers can use the toolkit to develop a/b testing campaigns, test quality assurance for pre-launch and post-launch a/b test analysis.

Founded in Mumbai in 2000 by University of Pennsylvania graduates Anjan Malik and PD Mundhra, eClerx now has more than 6000 employees across various locations including New York City, Chicago, London, Dublin and Singapore.