London continues to be a top destination for US companies with eyes on Europe as digital agency Tahzoo kickstarts its EMEA operation.

Specialising in customer experience (CX) and personalisation, Tahzoo has selected Covent Garden as the grounds for its new Euro-focused UK office, which will complement its Washington, Seattle and Richmond locations.

The agency has clients across retail and consumer services, financial services, technology, healthcare and business to business. They include Costco, Transamerica, HP and Sodexo.

An “edge” in digital CX

By improving the services it provides advertisers inside and out of Europe and having a team with local knowledge, Tahzoo CEO Brad Heidemann hopes to give brands a big CX boost.

“When we talk to chief marketing officers at the world’s biggest and most complex brands they are looking for an edge for their digital customer experience and to be a pioneer in the CX space,” he said.

“As we continue to expand globally, we are better positioned to further elevate customers’ CX as well as their bottom line.”

Tahzoo guides its clients through strategy and planning, then on to architecture and implementation before finalising the enterprise hosting and optimisation process.