Visual analytics platform Curalate has taken the wraps off Like2Buy, a new tool that can turn an Instagram feed into a virtual product catalogue for online retailers.

Like2Buy links photos from a brand’s Instagram account to products that can be purchased on a website. Users can then pull up a gallery of shoppable Instagram photos off the back of a brand’s profile link on Instagram.

A personalised feed is also available to consumers who have liked a product that is available to purchase.

Tangible evidence

One issue with social media engagement is the lack of concrete measurement for ROI, but with Like2Buy, Apu Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Curalate, hopes to provide tangible evidence that Instagram is a revenue driver for brands.

“With Like2Buy, Curalate is providing retailers the most seamless and secure method of driving traffic and revenue from Instagram while providing digital marketers the ability to immediately demonstrate value from their efforts.”

Curalate says Like2Buy is supported by its existing platform, which gives brands access to analytics and workflow tools that can help with engagement on other image-based social sites. These include popular networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook as well as Instagram.

The Like2Buy utility is only available to brands that currently work with Curalate at present, but the company has said it will get a wider roll-out over the coming weeks.