From the ‘Your Week in Performance Marketing’ Newsletter


​As fast as the British summer is short, PerformanceIN returns with another update of fresh, insightful marketing news for you all to revel in.

It has been a healthy week for expert-led content on the site, so let us take a look at some of the things that have caught our eye.

Publishers under the spotlight

Any of our avid followers will be aware that performance marketing is our bread and butter, and it is always a pleasure to hear people from the industry talk about our niche with unrelenting passion. Step forward Webgains’ head of insights and analytics Adam Murray, whose feature on how performance is ‘owning’ the digital landscape more than justified the need for companies to get a strong return on their ad spend.

Online publishers offer an easy way for brands to consistently gain ROI through display advertising. This week saw James Dominique of Affiliate Window celebrate some of the finest examples of creativity within the webosphere in his piece on publisher innovation.

Operating on a wave of optimism, one publisher looking to make real strides with their business is global online shopping authority Fashionchick. You can learn plenty about expanding into a foreign market by taking a look at how the company announced their presence in France. Last week’s post is the first in a series of five about Fashionchick’s global expansion, so stay tuned for more publisher-based insights.

Alas, the brands that advertise on such sites are not void from criticism, and a fair few could do much worse than considering a KISS approach as they go about planning their next strategy. ‘Keep it simple, stupid’, argued Quidco’s Matthew Sheppard, pointing to complaints against cashback firms to back up his thoughts.

Hitting the headlines

Compelling news arrived in the form of UK e-commerce spend hitting a projected total of £39 billion for 2014. Elsewhere our attentions were drawn to the revelation that Tuesdays or Wednesdays, between 9am – 5pm, offer the best periods to gain attentive readers. So much for people having more time to read content in their personal lives (bosses beware)…  

We were delighted to hear of the glowing positivity among chief marketers after their recent performances, and having this translate to both the US and UK can only be a plus. Content, social media and personalisation are set to dominate their agendas as they prepare to build on what has proved to be a hugely successful past 12 months. Godspeed, guys. 

Looking back again at progress over the last year, our weekly poll asked whether it was now easier for companies to secure funding than in 2013, check out the pretty unanimous results. US ad trading platform AppNexus may agree after securing an additional $100 million worth of finance to bring forward the next stage in its plans for growth. The company has now raised over $200 million since forming in 2007..