India-based marketers are set to benefit from a number of new products from advertising intelligence solution Exponential Interactive.

Adotube and Appsnack have been added to Exponential India’s product suite. They will complement Tribal Fusion and Firefly Video, which were already being offered to brands demanding a full suite of display, video and mobile engagement platforms.

It has been a busy August for Exponential, which also rolled out a number of new video ad formats for the likes of Adotube and Appsnack including Blaze, Ad Engage and Video Snackbar.

India’s evolving landscape

India offers a huge growth market for advertisers because of a vast population that are increasingly turning to smartphone solutions. That is according to Anshuman Saha, head of sales at Exponential India, who was appointed earlier this year.

“The Indian advertising and marketing landscape is rapidly evolving with the increased penetration of mobile, including smartphones, and significant growth in online video consumption,” he said.

“The launch of our in-stream video and mobile offer will help marketers across the continent adapt to these new market conditions and connect with their desired audiences, at the right time and across the right medium.”

Adotube and Appsnack

Appsnack is for brands that want to build app-like creative experiences in order to reach audiences at scale across mobile and tablet devices. It features the recently launched Snackbar format.

The other new product for India’s market is Adotube, an in-stream video ad solution that is fairly malleable depending on the advertiser and counts Exponential’s Pre-Roll, Ad-Bar and Ad-Wrap among its options.

Exponential has had a presence in India since the launch of its sales function in 2007. Since then it will have noted how both mobile and video has been clawing a higher proportion of ad spend in the country.