A raft of change is underway at adQuota’s Polish office, with new hires and the consumption of a separate enterprise taking the headlines.

The Warsaw-based company, which acts as a local division of its Danish-headquartered mobile supply-service-platform, has swallowed up talent at the helm of Adello Polska – once seen as its biggest competitor in the country.

Two are now set to become one as adQuota looks to shift Adello Polska shareholders Rafal Staszkiewicz and Looksoft – a developer of mobile applications – across to new roles at the company. They will hold a stake in adQuota Poland, although Adello’s decision to exit the Polish market and focus on other opportunities will hand them a new working environment.

Representatives from adQuota’s Polish arm have insisted that its name will not change as a result.

Natural evolution

After finding success in mobile advertising across the UK and Spain as well as the Nordic and Baltic regions, adQuota’s decision to bolster its business in Poland could be a sign of striking while the iron is hot. The company has recently signed a deal with a major publisher in Poland and now hopes to move forward with a new-look corporation.

Michael Buch Sandager, CEO at adQuota group, was on hand to offer several reasons for the increased interest in Poland.

“The Polish market is growing and maturing at the moment, and we see a greater opportunity to win the market,” he commented.

“Combining our activities strengthens our presence on the mobile advertising market in Poland, and at the same time, we are winning one of the best country managers in the business.”

New roles

Mr Sandager went on to describe Staszkiewicz as a “real mobile entrepreneur” – a gesture which was returned by the man in question.

“This is a great and obvious move for us, and we look very much forward to the new corporation,” added Staszkiewicz, who will now become country manager of adQuota Poland.

Mobile app creator Looksoft has been appointed as a strategic partner at the company, subsequently gaining a new set of shares in exchange of its part-ownership of Adello Polska.