Take a walk down a UK high street and you will see the nation’s mobile love affair in full effect, but what are consumers doing on their phones and how do other countries compare?

Tech platform Marin Software has attempted to answer this question with the release of new insights showing that the British research purchases and shop more on their smartphones and tablets than any other nation.

In mainland Europe it is normal for only a third of all paid search advertising clicks to come from mobile devices, however in the UK there is a massive 50% mobile share of PPC impressions.

Mobile PPC CTR beats desktop

Marin did not stop there, highlighting that mobile PPC ads benefit from a 65% higher clickthrough rate than desktop. This caused Jon Myers, MD and Vice President of Marin Software EMEA, to suggest a different approach for marketers.

“Advertisers need to quickly adjust their strategies to accommodate the ‘always-connected’ British consumer, who’s constantly on the go and whose shopping behavior is evolving all the time.

“It wasn’t that long ago that we were all debating whether Facebook would even exist in the future – now it’s one of the UK’s favourite places to shop.”

Social media’s CTR

Indeed, Facebook is seeing as big a mobile engagement jump as PPC, with 37% more consumers clicking through to an ad in the UK than US. The gap increases to a 78% higher margin when compared to the Eurozone.

Having looked at the data from £500 million worth of UK online advertising spend, Marin backed up Facebook’s own data by finding that mobile engagement on the social network increased in the summer months.

Even mobile cost-per-click prices in the UK are 42% cheaper than desktop, and while there is less of a gulf in Europe, it is a similar story with mobile rates being 26% lower.