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How STYLIGHT Increased Its Product Feed Efficiency with Productsup
Image Credit Horia Varlan Creative Commons license

How STYLIGHT Increased Its Product Feed Efficiency with Productsup


STYLIGHT is an online community for discovering fashion trends and brands, and if a user likes a product they are redirected to the relevant online shop. 

With 14 country-specific websites worldwide, STYLIGHT has a very large inventory of product data. As a means of promoting itself further, the company was interested in starting retargeting campaigns.

The Problem

STYLIGHT was faced with a particular challenge: They were spending too much time and resources on preparing the right product data feeds. A lot of back and forth with IT resources was needed to make changes to products feeds.

 “We realized that we would need a tool that empowers our marketers to adapt and change product feeds to the request of the different marketing channels without a constant back and forth between IT and Online-Marketing.” – Nicolas Stadtelmeyer, Head of Performance Marketing at STYLIGHT.

STYLIGHT needed an expert in product feed creation for retargeting channels.

The Solution

Productsup’s cloud-based solution provides users a quick, easy and powerful way to prepare high quality product feeds.

First of all, the platform provides STYLIGHT a central place to individually manage the product data for its different country websites. With the entire data inventory on one central platform it becomes easier to keep an overview of everything.

Second, the software has advanced analysis features that scan entire product feeds in just seconds and locate the critical focus areas for STYLIGHT.  

Automatic setups and ROI management save both time and money.

Intelligent editing tools and features enable STYLIGHT’s product data managers to get more out of their data by not only creating error free feeds but by making sure this feed is clean, current and consistent.

And finally, Productsup has incorporated the feed requirements specifically outlined by the retargeting sites that STYLIGHT uses. This has helped to ensure that each individual product feed is tailored and structured accordingly, reducing the chance of error reports.

The Result

Since the integration of the Productsup Platform for retargeting campaigns, STYLIGHT’s presence and performance has been boosted, whilst their time and resource investment has radically decreased.

Thanks to the intuitive design of the Productsup Platform, the entire product data for all of STYLIGHT’s 14 countries is being successfully managed by just one manager, allowing the rest of the online marketing team to focus on other core business activities.

What is more, 20 different, customised versions of their product feed are being exported to various retargeting channels across the web.

Overall, STYLIGHT has generated significant revenue with product feed-related online marketing campaigns. 

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Mark  Jones

Mark Jones

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