With a 95 year heritage, and some of the most iconic hotels in the world, Hilton is the only hotel chain to offer a truly global affiliate programme. 

Name:  Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Contact: Krishna Patel 

Email: Krishna.Patel@Hilton.com

What are some developments that Hilton have seen this year that put them ahead of their competitors?

Hilton Hotels is the number one hotel company and have continued to grow within the travel sector. We have 10 brands which cater for every traveller’s needs, from the iconic Waldorf Astoria which provides a unique service experience and the world’s landmark hotels to Hampton Inn which offers moderately-priced hotels delivering consistent quality, value, and service.

We are the only hotel chain to have a truly global affiliate programme; we have an impressive portfolio of 4100 properties around the world, a number which is evolving day by day, which means our affiliates will have a great range of hotels to promote.

This year we have launched 22 language sites making it easier for international affiliates to link to us in their local language. To support this we also have in-language feeds which can be customised to your audience.

What does this mean for our affiliates?

The growing focus on the digital sector has led us make numerous investments which have impacted the customer journey and the overall user experience. We have a fully tracked e-commerce and m-commerce site which we encourage affiliates to link to. In addition to that, all of our 22 language sites are mobile responsive too, making it easy for customers to access on the go. Our affiliates can earn commission across all of our 10 brands which are located in 92 countries and get paid in their local currency.

What resources/commission does Hilton offer its affiliates?

Our strong brand, which has been around for 95 years, is recognised worldwide, which makes us a great merchant to work with. We offer competitive base commission rates across our portfolio; 6% for International sales (across EMEA & APAC) and 4% for Americas.

We have regular promotions which we communicate through all our networks including Affiliate Window on a frequent basis. Our creative is also updated on a frequent basis to support our promotions and are happy to create bespoke creative where necessary. We also have tenancy budgets available to support our promotions and can offer commission increases as well. Get in touch with any opportunities!

Are there any exciting developments coming up for Hilton?

We have an API coming shortly, however, at present we have a fully functional feed which is updated on a daily basis. We have recently launched an updated version of our app and by the end of 2014 guests will be able to check in to their hotel and select their room before arrival at all of our properties worldwide.

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