Personalised digital marketing campaigns are often inspired by data delivered by the consumer,  but one company is looking to reverse this cycle for optimum ad performance.

A new feature on EngageClick’s multi-screen ad platform, titled AdPoll, enables brands to deliver highly personalised and interactive video content to users in the hope of getting them to unveil insights about their behaviour.

Any interesting findings are delivered back to the advertiser in real time, allowing them to fine-tune their existing video content and deliver greater relevancy to each consumer.

Based in California, EngageClick claims to have seen early success with its latest product, and has backed engagement through the videos to hit two times higher than the average.

The personal approach

In a typical approach, a brand would distribute what it considers to be a relevant and interactive digital video message to a consumer, who would then provide feedback based on the options provided.

AdPoll then combines cognitive science, machine learning and big data analysis to crunch the information and present it to the ad distributor for further inspection.

Shekhar Deo, CTO and co-founder of EngageClick, believes this could lead to greater consumer relevancy within the content following after, and higher consumer engagement on ads.

Deo, a former employee of cloud storage provider NetApp, leads the operation at EngageClick alongside previous employees of Yahoo, AOL and HP.