The need for brands to place higher in organic search rankings is translating into huge rewards for specialist software vendor Searchmetrics.

Sales of the company’s flagship ‘Searchmetrics Suite’ product have reportedly shot up by 200% year on year during the first half of 2014 as companies looked to search engines as way of boosting traffic for their sites.

Marketers can use the suite to manage and track entire search strategies, from monitoring their keywords and sub-pages to evaluating the effectiveness of their links. The product’s success has already had a noticeable impact on Searchmetrics’ global reach, while its positioning on US soil has been highlighted with a recent move into Silicon Valley.

Rankings create revenue

Since switching from SEOmetrie GmbH to its current title in 2007, Seachmetrics has evolved into one of the key players in search analytics. With website owners now yearning for an in-depth review of their relationships with the likes of Google, programs that can provide as much have become hugely popular and valuable tools for businesses of all sizes.

As stated by Tom Schuster, CEO of Searchmetrics, there has never been a better time for search tools to earn their worth.

“Search is definitely higher on the business agenda today. Enterprises now have a better understanding of the role that their visibility in the major search engines plays in driving revenue from online channels,” he commented.

His company has capitalised on this growth by developing a product capable of reviewing all the factors that contribute to a good search ranking. Searchmetrics Suite presents an overview of the performances delivered by SEO, content, social media and even PR, helping brands pinpoint where they’re going right and wrong.

New faces

As well as facilitating an expansion out of Germany into San Francisco, as well as the launching of operations in New York, London, Paris and San Mateo, rising sales of the suite have also enabled its owner to take on a number of high-profile recruits.

In one of its more recent appointments, Ebay Inc.’s former global head of SEO and Content Development Jordan Koene joined the company as an evangelist, charged with the responsibility of spreading the word of Searchmetrics out to enterprises across the globe.  

The ex-VP of worldwide marketing at SugarCRM, Robyn Forman has joined in the familiar capacity of vice president of marketing, while search marketing veteran Don Lee is now tasked with leading client success teams in non German-speaking nations.