Revenue and profits are both up in the latest financials for content syndication and monetisation company Adaptive Media.

Business has benefitted from the steep growth of programmatic advertising in mobile, video, and online display, fuelling a 52% rise in revenue to $1.1 million for the second quarter of 2014.

Having recently launched a premium content platform, Content Marketplace, Adaptive Media was also able to report quarter-over-quarter gross profit growth of 36%, which brought Q2’s figure to $389,507.

Partnerships priority

Adaptive also experienced an increase in advertising demand and fulfilment through its platform, and the firm’s CEO Qayed Shareef spoke of how important partnerships were to performance.

“Digital content syndication and monetization continue to be what we are focused on, and we have built an important competitive advantage in those areas through our platform, proprietary technology, new products and partnerships,” Shareef explained.

“Our financial results show a growth trajectory that is exciting, and our ability to help publishers and content producers monetize growing ad spends particularly in mobile and video is where the opportunity continues to be for us.”

To continue growing the company, Adaptive says it will add more content syndication partnerships and content providers along with new product launches to enhance its monetisation, analytics and targeting capabilities.