Conversion Logic, a company founded by former Visual IQ staff, has launched a Saas attribution platform that has a focus on cross-platform video measurement and optimisation.

Co-founders Trevor Testwuide and Alison Lohse are targeting Conversion Logic at agencies, media buyers and digital marketers that want to attribute value across digital channels where there is an emphasis on video.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Conversion Logic starts its attribution process by collecting user-level data. It then pushes that data through various data science techniques before it is able to determine the best video metrics for conversion.

A ripe market

It is a technique that caught the eye of James Borow, CEO of marketing software company SHIFT, who feels the industry needs tools like this to get the most out of video advertising.

“The market is ripe for a video-centric attribution and analytics platform, and Trevor, Alison and the rest of Conversion Logic team have the talent and industry experience to deliver it,” Borow said.

“Conversion Logic will help marketers validate the media shift of investment towards online video.”

Having successfully launched the platform, Conversion Logic revealed that its engineers and data scientists will continue making adjustments to ensure it is performing attribution tasks to a good standard.