Learn how mobiles.co.uk keeps its affiliate sales growing year-on-year with a 90 day cookie period, mobile tracking and regular incentives.

Name: mobiles.co.uk

Contact: Craig Mitchell

Email: craig.mitchell@cpwonlinesolutions.com

Give us an overview of mobiles.co.uk and the affiliate programme?

mobiles.co.uk was the first online mobile phone retailer in the UK and had been trading with the same owner since 1995. Our experience has allowed us to create mobile contracts that sell, which is proven by our high customer rating on reviews.co.uk.

The mobiles.co.uk website currently converts at around 3% which is higher than average for the sector. We offer a massive selection of handsets, networks, tariffs, free gifts and cashback options. All free gifts are posted with the phone for next day delivery.

The affiliate program is managed by us and Affiliate Window. Affiliate sales continue to grow year-on-year, which we link back to our hands on approach to the channel.

What resources/commission does mobiles.co.uk offer its affiliates?

Our competitive tariff prices make mobiles.co.uk appealing to the customer, making your job easier. We boast a 90 day cookie period, mobile tracking and regular incentives.

We are one of the only mobile advertisers to offer voucher codes.

Our CPA is £26.50 per mobile contract sold, and £26.50 on any contract upgrades you sell, resulting in you earning whether you are directing new customers or existing.

We are very approachable and are always open to offering exclusives in exchange for increased exposure.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for mobiles.co.uk?

On the horizon we have some good looking widgets arriving which will make it easier for affiliates to promote the products that will suit their audience. After taking on board the feedback we got from a recent survey we ran, we will be looking to improve our data feed – You speak, we listen!

Nothing’s set yet, however we are looking to run a huge affiliate incentive. Details coming to your Darwin inbox soon.

Sounds great how do I join?  

You can join the mobiles.co.uk program via Affiliate Window. You will get also get a welcome/sales pack upon sign up to help you get the most out of mobiles.co.uk.