Streaming video is becoming quite the trend in Germany as new research from trade association BITKOM finds that almost three out of four people are regular users.

The study discovered that 73% of the 1004 respondents aged 14 and over who took part admitted to using video streaming, which correlates to 40 million of Germany’s entire population.

Video streaming has become even more popular than downloading, with only 27% stipulating that they like to copy a movie to their hard drive to take a look at.

One out of every two (53%) of those polled by BITKOM said they watched videos on sites like YouTube, ClipFish and Vimeo, but just 46% had been sent a broadcast from a television channel’s online media library.

On demand uptake

As for live television, 37% choose to stream current channels over the internet while on-demand portals including Ever Watch, max cathedrals and Amazon Prime Instant are preferred by 19%.

Such is the popularity of the activity in Germany that 40% indulge in video streaming at least several times a week and 14% revealed they like to get their fix on a daily basis.

BITKOM also found that an overwhelming 78% majority of video-streaming users are a fan of free services, however 17% conceded they chose to pay for premium offerings.