A third of UK employees have admitted that they indulge in a spot of online shopping while at work, a new study says.

From the employees that shared their browsing habits, charity cashback company Give as you Live discovered from its research that an average of 24 minutes was spent browsing online shopping sites every working day.

Over a whole year each employee will clock up an average of 96 hours from their online shopping and 11am on a Monday is said to be the most popular time to complete those purchases.

When working an 9am-5pm shift, Brits spend an average of £77.49 per person. The number of transactions in this time period has increased by 14% year-on-year to the first six months of 2014.

Best and worst in the midlands

Leicester employees were the worst of the e-commerce procrastinators as residents of this East Midlands city spent the most time shopping online, totalling 45 minutes and 44 seconds.

Glasgow staff were not too far behind with a 43 minutes and 11 seconds, but it was Nottingham folk who were the most productive, spending just 14 minutes and 43 seconds shopping online.

The researcher’s author, Give as you Live, suggests that by doing their online shopping in the office Brits are compensating for not having enough time outside of work to do all the tasks they need to get done.