Digital agency Lyons Consulting Group has announced the expansion of its global presence with a new office in London.

Although staff will work in the UK, clients of the agency will not only be serviced in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Africa as Lyons aims to better support its global customer base.

Operating out of a Broad Street London location, the new office will immediately hit the ground running thanks to a number of UK clients that the agency already has on its books. 

Beyond the USA

Lyons’ chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Norman Alesi, drew attention to the fact that clients in the states would also benefit from the various time zones the company is now straddling.

“In addition to expanding our services and client opportunities in the region, our new office in Europe gives us the opportunity to better consult with our US customers as they expand internationally,” Alesi said. 

“We are committed to hiring locally, improving our international service offerings, and expanding our 24/7 support capabilities by adding resources in additional time zones.”