Just 26 days, approximately 624 hours or 37,440 minutes since World Cup 2014 drew to a close, the withdrawal symptoms are already starting to kick in.

Thankfully a return for domestic football is almost upon us and PerformanceIN could not be more excited at the prospect of a new Premier League campaign getting underway on August 16.

Why not join us in celebrating the start of ten glorious months of sporting action with an entry into our Fantasy Football League? Using a generous budget of £100 million, pick the 15 players most likely to weigh in with their share of goals, assists and clean sheets before pitting your efforts against the rest of the industry.

The game can be enjoyed by all, so don’t worry if you can’t tell your Rooneys from your Rodwells. Consulting with the points guide next to each player on the transfer tab, assess which individuals scored well last year and decide where your money is best spent.

Still not convinced? Well, Manchester City scooped a mouth-watering £24.7 million for winning the Premier League title last season, but we’ve come up with an even better reward. Like the sound of a free ticket to Performance Marketing Insights: London in 2015? Place first in our fantasy league table and a complimentary pass could be all yours. Although we cannot be held responsible for any rifts, arguments or handbags caused.

Simply click here to start creating your team and enter the code 906365-303966 to join our private league.

Good luck!