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Stoddard + Partners Goes After Tech Platforms with its New Attribution Products
Image Credit  Stoddard + Partners

Stoddard + Partners Goes After Tech Platforms with its New Attribution Products


Blix and Tarp Tracker, two new marketing attribution tools from media agency Stoddard + Partners, are to measure consumers across broadcast and online as well as foot traffic at retail locations.

Backed by car manufacturers Jeep, Chrysler and Fiat, brands, agencies and broadcasters can use Blix and Tarp Tracker to measure campaign performance across devices and channels.

Compared to technology platforms that provide an attribution service, Drew Stoddard, CEO of Stoddard + Partners, says that his service encompasses more than just digital devices.

"While many companies provide online tracking and optimization solutions, we have worked to extend marketing measurement and analytics both further up the funnel into broadcast with Tarp Tracker, and further down the funnel, into retail traffic with Blix,” Stoddard said.

“By adding these data points to online measurement via our APIs, companies and agencies can now correlate and optimize all of their marketing spend in one place." 

The Tarp Tracker tool measures metrics such as second-screen impact and performance along with how many visitors a specific TV ad delivered over a predefined period and other campaign performance analytics.

Blix, a dashboard platform that supports full API integration, is not too dissimilar from iBeacons and other solutions out there in that it lets retailers track foot traffic, new vs returning visitors and in-store customer flow.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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