Search ranking company Online Marketr has announced a new tool it hopes will aid marketers left in the dark over Google’s withdrawal of keyword information from Google Analytics.

The new solution helps businesses and publishers recover what Online Marketr calls a “significant” number of keywords that would otherwise be deemed as ‘’not provided’ by Google.

What sets this particular tool apart is that it dips directly into Google’s Webmaster Tools to recover keywords, rather than taking the usual route of scraping Google’s results to suggest rankings.

Metric availability

There are a number of metrics available to users of Online Marketr’s platform that, according to the company’s founder Stephane Bottine, will give them a good read on global performance.

“ downloads all your keywords daily, de-dupes and aggregates rankings to provide granular insights into your website’s SEO performance,” she said. 

Monitor your performance across each of your website’s folders, or countries if your website has an international presence.” 

While impressions, clicks and rankings are monitored at the keyword level, Online Marketr users can also assign keywords to groups, such as brand versus non-brand, to get macro feedback on performance.