We have had Pandas, we have had penguins, and now we have got a Pigeon. Not that Google named this latest update themselves, but the most recent ‘amendment’ to Google’s algorithm could turn out to be just as problematic for small businesses as Panda and Penguin put together.

Social Sorrow?

Following PerformanceIN’s poll on ‘Could Facebook Monopolise the Display Ad Market?’ almost 70% of you answered ‘no’ – but could that judgement be proved wrong as Adroll research showed that facebook news feed ads have overtaken web retargeting CTR’s.

Is social marketing getting too much for you? Are you one instagram away from losing pinterest? Then be sure to check out our guest article ‘How to Simplify your Social Media Strategy in Five Steps’ by Eki:metrics.

Attribution and the customer journey

Discussion continued last week around the complexities and current leakage woes within the purchase funnel. We reported about Rakuten’s acquisition of attribution technology company DC Storm a few weeks back and resident news reporter Rich Towey followed up and discussed if last-click attribution is on its last legs.

Tracking issues are still common across areas of the multichannel purchase funnel, however here is a few examples of how some innovative performance marketers are minimising leakage and closing the loop with offline sales.

The value of vouchering?

Agree or disagree – Andrew Slack’s guest post this week has stimulated quite the debate on PerformanceIN. Do you agree with his opinion on whether voucher codes are killing affiliate marketing?

Whilst on the subject of value, Seth Dotterer’s article on the true ROI from converged media where audience, accountability, distribution and engagement are now big factors for today’s media ecosystem is well worth a read.

Acquisitions continue

The acquisition trail continues in the US as Walmart’s R&D department @WalmartLabs has acquired social marketplace Luvocracy to strengthen its own e-commerce expertise.

Elsewhere, cross-device audience targeting technology Dstillery has announced a $24 million haul in series C financing.

Two mobile advertising companies have joined forces as part of a deal by media solutions provider Single Touch to purchase DoubleVision Networks, an audience buying and targeting platform.

And finally, European entertainment powerhouse RTL Group has acquired a 65% majority stakeholding in programmatic video advertising platform SpotXchange for $144 million.