Several factors have converged to create a climate that is ripe for paid search advertisers in Germany, according to a new report from Kenshoo.

Showcasing some true paid search efficiency, Germany recorded a clickthrough rate of 2.0%, the highest in Europe during 2014, while its average cost-per-click of €0.31 was the lowest in Europe for the second quarter of this year.

Throughout the whole of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region there was a 24% increase in search advertising spend for Q2 year on year, while sales revenue jumped 23%.

Mobile remains a significant driver in the search advertising economy’s rise, with 36% of all paid search spend and 38% of all paid search clicks coming from mobile in the UK, proving itself to be a key European market.

Enhanced campaigns

Google has had a major paid search product release this year and Justin Thorne, regional marketing director for EMEA at Kenshoo, thinks this is behind the budget increases.

“The increased share of spend and clicks taken by mobile could in part be due to the success of Google’s enhanced campaigns which simplifies the process of creating Google AdWords campaigns. 

“Since migration to enhanced campaigns, search advertisers no longer have to run separate campaigns targeting desktops, tablets and mobiles – all devices can be served with ads within the same campaign, making it much easier to target mobile devices,”

Check out the infographic below for more paid search insights.