Recent improvements to the on-site experience at Italian retailer has shown signs of bearing fruit less than a month after going live.

Yoox Group, which owns and operates along with a number of other online properties, conducted widespread changes to the site’s design and user interface in the hope of of boosting conversions on mobile and desktop. By making the path to purchase simpler and faster, the retailer saw a 18% lift in conversions just weeks after the changes were made – this compared to the conversion rate recorded by the old layout.

The new-look also encouraged users to have a better look through the site’s content. Bounce rates dropped by 3% while the company witnessed a “substantial improvement” in the overall checkout performance across both mobile and desktop.

Aside from giving its site a new appearance, Yoox Group was also looking to boost user experience through its new MYOOX service. Shoppers can use the new tab to receive personalised content based on their on-site preferences, while the window also provides a one-stop shop for tracking the status of their orders and returns.

Widespread growth

Adding this to business gained by assets including and, as well as revenue generated by its management of sites for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, Yoox Group posted an impressive set of financials for H1 2014.

Total net revenue for the first half of 2014 rose 14.8% year on year, up to €238 million from €207.4 in 2013, as the company recorded growth in all of its key markets. The sharpest increase by region was seen in Europe, excluding Italy, where net revenue grew 47.8% compared to H1 2013. Strong YoY growth was also witnessed across North America (21.1%), Italy (16.3%) and – to a lesser extent – Japan (7.7%).

To ensure this growth continues into the second half of what has already been a highly profitable year, the company has singled out areas it feels could benefit from enhanced focus.

Yoox Group’s website setup and management – or ‘mono-brand’ – service saw consolidated net revenue rise by €64.1 million in H1 2014 courtesy of a 9.3% increase year on year. After striking new partnerships with fashion brands including Lanvin and Alexander Wang Inc. and renewing a significant partnership for luxury retailer over the last year, the company will look to push on with this area of the business in 2014 and beyond.  

As for, with a new design now in place, attentions will switch to the promotion of popular products such as sunglasses and sportswear as the company looks to record another spike in conversions.