Yieldify is an e-commerce solution that helps businesses to convert their site visitors into paying customers.

Its data-driven algorithm tracks user behaviour on a website and forms the basis for a unique combination of highly-targeted on-site and e-mail marketing products. These provide personalised offers and promotions to incentivise users to convert, based on user metrics including mouse movements, geo-location, basket value and a range of other key variables.

This form of real-time marketing – targeting individual users with the promotions we know they are interested in whilst they are still on the website – is a high-converting, but underutilised, e-business strategy.


AGA Cookshop – who preside over a first-class range of cookware for AGA cookers – came to Yieldify with a problem: they were keen to make the most of their wide product range by maximising the opportunity for upselling on their website.

They wanted to find a way of determining what products a user is interested in and then promoting related products which would have a high chance of converting.


Yieldify ran a series of highly-targeted in-page recommendation campaigns designed to optimally match customers with products they are likely to be interested in.

They detected when a user had a particular item in their basket – say, a kettle. At the check-out page a promotion was then displayed for a related product which the user was very likely to be interested in. In this case, for example, descaling tablets to go with the kettle.

Personalising your site by dynamically changing your promotions based on the interests of the user greatly increases the chances of successful upselling – whilst helping your customer to get everything they need to get the most out of your products.


  1. Choose which products you want to upsell to which customers: matching accessories to a basic product is always a good idea (e.g. tennis balls with tennis racquets), or maybe twinning products that have similar uses (e.g. gloves and hats).
  2. Target your audience: Yieldify’s algorithm can detect basket value and contents, allowing a highly-targeted upsell to take place to just the right user.
  3. Optimize over time: keep track of which upsells are performing, and which aren’t, and change up your offers and creatives to maximise ROI.


Over only two weeks the in-page recommendations already increased sales significantly. They achieved a click-through rate of 8.7% with a conversion rate of 15.6%. As the campaigns are optimised over time these results are expected to increase further.