Proxistore is looking to introduce its location-based display ad service to the wider European market after witnessing a strong uptake in France.

The Belgium-based firm offers an all-in-one display ad solution to clients who wish to target consumers based on their current coordinates. Proxistore’s system allows for the creation, previewing and posting of ads on sites that are likely to attract a local following.

For brands without the technical nous to design their own placements, there is also the option of hiring Proxistore to do it for them.

After raising €2.7 million in a funding round organised by current shareholders and private investors, the company is now looking to expand its offering into a much larger area of Europe before taking on America.

Grand ideas

Specifically, Proxistore hopes to open subsidiaries in England, Spain, Switzerland and Netherlands, as well as in key tech cities across the US, including New York and San Francisco.

The company has benefited heavily from the demise of printed resources such as the Yellow Pages and is now eager to point more consumers in the direction of local services.

Proxistore claims to have reached approximately 180 million web users though its own geolocation search engine since starting out in 2011. However, considering its expansion into multiple territories, the company has announced plans to raise this hit count up to one billion within the next five years.