San Francisco-based ad management software firm WideOrbit has snapped up Admeta, a programmatic sell-side platform.

WideOrbit intends to use Admeta features such as artificial intelligence-based learning, dynamic floor pricing, full premium programmatic support for private marketplaces and Deal ID in its programmatic solution for both broadcast and digital channels.

Admeta on the other hand will benefit from WideOrbit resources as it seeks to hurry along its European rollout, while also bringing the product to markets where its buyer already has operations such as North America.

This year has been a busy one for WideOrbit with acquisitions. The company previously secured Paris-based Fivia and its premium media sales platform along with Abacast, an audio advertising company specialising in streaming live and on-demand ad insertion.

From TV to digital

Speaking of the recent purchases, Eric R. Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit, felt it necessary to shift the route his company was taking to a more digital product offering.

“Our focus since inception has been primarily linear, which is where our average client earns 93-97% of their revenue.”

“With the acquisitions of Fivia, Abacast and now Admeta, we are focused on helping our clients manage the transition from traditional media models to the future where content is delivered any time on any device.”

Founded in 2002 and now with offices in Ottawa, Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Prague, Admeta houses 30 premium publishers in over 20 European countries, generating 20 billion impressions per month.