As Apple’s iBeacon becomes the new buzzword of choice for omnichannel marketers, so too does the clamour to install the technology – but it can be costly.

Footfall Analytics, a company that optimises physical retail using digital insights, has created a similar offering where retailers can use their existing closed circuit television (CCTV) devices to track a consumer’s path through a store.

Predominantly used by retailers for security and loss prevention, CCTV is coupled with visual maps, charts and graphs to aid with analysis of the consumer journey. Footfall’s insights can then be used to adjust signage, layout or staffing.

While retailers await a definitive answer about the effect showrooming has on their brick and mortar businesses, these shops are encountering tough competition from e-commerce sites and the data may help influence consumer buying habits.

Setup time

Reiterating the cost benefits of the system, Gurshinder Liddar, Director of Footfall Analytics, said there were also advantages in terms of the time it takes to initially configure the system.

“Unlike other footfall systems that require the installation of additional cameras and heat sensors, this approach is quick and easy and retailers can immediately set up their own experiments, trialing and testing any public area of their stores.”

“This gives them an accurate, reliable and real-time focus on their business where they can ‘be in’ and view any store, regardless of the time and location.”

Using the analytics, marketers can compare day-to-day visitor numbers, what time, day or week produces the most visitors and the likes and dislikes of customers. Footfall states that shopper privacy is not compromised at any stage of data collection.