Mobile continues to be an area of focus for Facebook as the social network rolls out specific mobile device targeting for its in-app ads.

Over the coming days advertisers will not only be able to reach people on a specific device, such as an iPhones 5S or Galaxy S5, but they will be able to drill down into even more advanced attributes.

Using Facebook Mobile App Ads, marketers can choose to deliver creative to a consumer who owns an HTC One and has the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system version or above with WiFi switched on.

Previously limited

Prior to the new update Facebook only offered the ability to fire ads at consumers based on whether they had Android or iOS installed, their minimum operating system version and only users with WiFi.

With this additional featureset, Facebook Mobile App Ads lets marketers reach the most relevant users for their campaign as they bid separately for each hardware device.

More detailed feedback is now available too, courtesy of App Insights. One example Facebook gave was of an online travel agent having the power to place media in front of the device type that was found to be generating the most mobile sales revenue.

Cost savings

The plus side to all this is that development time and the expense associated to this is limited as marketers only have to develop for the optimal devices for their app and its audience.

In a blog post announcing the extra functionality being bolted on to Facebook Mobile App Ads, the social network also recommended using Custom Audiences in conjunction with the new targeting.

Custom audiences aims to segregate a user base, helping a marketer that might want to target existing users with a certain call to action, or ping some media at their most active or highest value users.