Revenue acquisition platform Marin Software has taken steps that allow inventory levels to influence product feeds and when certain ads are shown to a consumer.

By partnering with cloud-based product data management technology Productsup and integrating its software, Marin can now let retailers align their product inventory with online ad campaigns.

It means that retailers can create more accurately targeted product-oriented advertising across various channels including affiliates, shopping engines, search, social and display.

Manual entry no more

Using Marin, marketers can dispense with the type of manual entry that has left many struggling with real-time creative. Ad data can be automatically updated as product specifications and stock levels change.

Marin also offers flexible bidding goals that can be set to certain products or a product category. For example, if there is a surge in sales on a specific item, bidding rules can be set to pause the promotion of that product.

The new platform is immediately available as an upgrade for new and existing Marin Software clients.