While overall search spend in the USA increased by 9% year on year in the second quarter of 2014, the UK’s market rose by 10%.

Based on Adobe’s data, which factors in more than $2 bil­lion of annual man­aged search spend from over 500 Adobe Media Opti­mizer cus­tomers and around 200 bil­lion search impressions, Germany languished behind the UK and US with 6% growth.

Breaking the findings down by search engine, the results showed that Google’s quarterly rises in spend share across 2013 were curtailed in 2014 by Yahoo and Bing. In the first quarter, Google’s two main rivals grew their market share by 4% and in Q2 increased it by 2%.

Yahoo and Bing’s gains are most likely coming from the US where it has a 22% share of spend in the second quarter of 2014, as it only managed 9% and 4% in the UK and Germany respectively.

Platform comparison

The UK displayed the greatest share of tablet and mobile clicks in June 2014 with almost 25%, whereas the US and Germany’s desktop share bore no signs of dipping below the 70% mark.

Germany and the US again placed behind the UK, but this time on CPCs for Google, Yahoo and Bing. The UK has generally been on an upward trend since the second quarter of last year, rising from 100% to 120% in Q2 2014.

There was a steady decline in CPCs for Germany and the US on Google up until the most recent quarter, where both increased by at least 5%. Yahoo and Bing have been struggling in the US for a year in comparison.