Advertising management platform AudienceScience is capitalising on the interest generated in Brazil’s market from the World Cup by opening an office in Sao Paulo.

AudienceScience expects its expansion to give the company greater reach across the globe, granting advertisers access to consumers and ad impressions in the world’s largest populations, as CEO Mike Peralta explains.

“Online advertising is not a US or European-based discipline,” he said. “It’s a global marketplace, and programmatic ad buying allows advertisers to take advantage of expanding regions that will grow their businesses.

Peralta went on to say how the World Cup and the forthcoming Summer Olympics in 2016 will give Brazil’s digital infrastructure the help it needs to fuel growth in the wider digital ads market.

The facts back up Peralta’s claims, as according to eMarketer research Brazil’s internet advertising market peaked at $3.4 billion in 2013 – signalling a 11.8% increase on the previous year.