Ad unit developer and cross-screen retargeting specialist ActionX has unveiled a new product which allows users to interact with mobile ads for personalised shopping experiences.

With an increasing number of companies turning to personalisation as a way of enhancing the customer experience and boosting engagement, ActionX is hoping its Mobile Pop-Up Shop will make it easier for retail and travel brands to target users with relevant products.

The firm is releasing its latest feature on the back of financial support from the likes of Verizon Investments, SoftBank Capital and AOL Ventures. After gaining a place on Forbes’ Most Promising Companies for 2014, ActionX is now looking to make progress in a period which could shape its future prospects.

Expansive technology    

The company’s new rich media ad unit looks to attract users by appearing as a banner on top of a website or app. When clicked, the ad expands and presents an array of personalised offers for the viewer to consider, all based on their first-party data.  

In-app placements are also designed to blend in with their current environment. The highly personalised design scales the tricky obstacle of intrusion by allowing for a seamless transition between app and ad.

Evan Schwartz, CEO of ActionX, is sure of the technology’s ability to produce something outside of the norm.

“Our new Mobile Pop-Up Shop is designed to bring mobile shopping directly into a beautiful and personalised ad unit,” he commented.

“We are constantly enhancing the ActionX platform to deliver a great mobile advertising experience for consumers and make mobile advertising more effective for the brands and publishers we serve.”

The enhancement will be added to the current ActionX ad platform, which received its debut at the tail end of 2013.